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Microsoft Word TUTORIALS & Microsoft Word TESTS 2016 – Microsoft Word Training Index Page

Microsoft Word TUTORIALS 2016
Microsoft Word TESTS 2016
Microsoft Word Training Index Page

Word Tutorials & matching Word Tests Free Online
Multiple Choice Quizzes with Answer Explanations

Word 2016 Articles

What is Microsoft Word? What is MS word?
What is Microsoft Word used for?

What is Microsoft Word? Not to sound clichéd, but the answer might surprise you. Everyone seems to think they know until you ask them. You have questions, questions which need answering, so for both the long and the short explanation, keep reading.

  • What is Microsoft Word (the short answer)?
  • What is Microsoft Word (the slightly longer answer)?
  • Wait, What is a Word Processor, Define “Word Processor”?
  • What is Microsoft Word used for? What can I do with it?
  • What are Some More Features of Microsoft Word?
  • The History of Microsoft Word and its Versions
  • Why You Should Know How to Use Word and How to Learn More


How to use Word Templates
Free Microsoft Word Templates

  • Resume Templates Word 2016 – CV Templates Word
  • Flyer Templates Word – Free Printable Flyer Templates Word 2016
  • Certificate Templates Word 2016 – MS Word Certificate Templates
  • Letter Templates Word 2016 – Cover Letter Template – Business Letter Template Word
  • Form Template Word 2016 – Fillable Form Templates
  • Word Report Templates – Word Business Report Templates for 2016
  • Brochure Templates Word 2016 – Brochure Design done for you!
  • Newsletter Templates Word 2016 – Newsletter Examples
  • Essay Templates Word 2016 – APA Templates Word for students
  • Creative Templates – Menu Templates – Party Invitation Templates

Word 2016 comes packed with access to thousands of predesigned templates such as curriculum vitae, resumes, flyers, business cards, business reports, brochures, coloring in books, APA style reports, certificates, letterheads, covering letters and letter stationery, fillable forms, newsletters, tri-fold flyers, menus, invitations and much more!


  • Free online Word 2016 Training
  • 1 Online Word Test & matching Word Tutorial with Video

Find and Replace in Word TUTORIAL (with 4 quick VIDEOS)

Find and Replace in Word TEST

  • Using Find in Word
  • The Navigation Pane in Word
  • How to Find and Replace in Word 2016
  • Performing a Replace ALL in Word
  • Using Select Text in Word
  • Advanced Find and Replace in Word 2016
  • Word Find and Replace Shortcuts
Scanning through a document for a single word or phrase, even in short documents, can be time consuming when done manually. When doing this for the purpose of replacing a word or phrase that is repeated throughout the document, it can be even more odious. Luckily, Word provides Find and Replace features. These can be found in the ‘Editing’ section of the ‘Home’ tab on the Ribbon.


  • Free online Word 2016 Training
  • 2 Online Word Tests & matching Word Tutorial

Formatting Text in Word TUTORIAL (with quick VIDEO)

Formatting Text in Word TEST

  • Word Shortcuts for Formatting Text
  • Change Font in Word
  • Change Font Size in Word
  • Change Font Color in Word
  • Change Font Style – Underline, Bold, Strikethrough & Italics in Word
  • Font Effects in Word – Outline, Shadow, Reflection & Glow in Word
  • Superscript in Word – Superscript shortcut Word
  • Subscript in Word – Subscript shortcut Word
  • Change Case in Word – Change Lowercase to Uppercase in Word
  • How to Clear Formatting in Word
  • Font Dialogue Box – Everything in One Place
  • Word Copy Formatting

How to change the way the text looks using a different font, font color, bold, italics, underline, strike through and spacing. Learn how to make your font superscript or subscript and change the case. Copy the formatting by using the Format Painter.

Formatting Paragraphs in Word TUTORIAL 2016 (with 7 quick VIDEOS)

Formatting Paragraphs in Word TEST 2016

  • Line Spacing in Word – Paragraph Spacing in Word
  • Alignment in Word – Paragraph Alignment
  • Vertical Alignment Word – Horizontal Alignment
  • Bullet Points in Word, Numbered List, Multilevel List Word
  • Indentation in Word 2016
  • Paragraph Shading and Borders in Word
  • Sorting Text in Word 2016
  • Show Paragraph Marks in Word – Hide Paragraph Marks in Word
  • Paragraph Dialogue Box in Word 2016
  • Paragraph Formatting – Keyboard Shortcut Word

There’s more to this formatting thing than fancy fonts! Where previously we covered altering the appearance of the typeface, in this section, we’re going to cover the formatting of bodies of text, covering topics such as placement, spacing, and structure.

Styles in Word TUTORIAL – Word 2016 Styles (with 4 quick VIDEOS)

Styles in Word TEST

  • Why Use Styles in Word
  • How to Apply Styles in Word
  • Creating Styles in Word
  • Modifying Styles in Word
  • Deleting Styles in Word
  • The Role of Styles in Word Template Design

Styles in Microsoft Word are an all to often ignored feature, and yet using them effectively can prove incredibly powerful in maintaining consistency both within and between documents.

Formatting a document to look consistent and professional requires some planning.  Styles can be built-in, modified or created from scratch. Create and use your own styles to ensure all documents you send out is branded the same.


  • Free online Word 2016 Training
  • 1 Online Word Test & matching Word Tutorial

Headers and Footers in Word TUTORIAL 2016

Headers and Footers in Word TEST 2016

  • How to insert headers and footers in Word
  • How to edit headers and footers in Word 2016
  • Adding dynamic content to headers and footers in Word
  • Adding images or logos to headers & footers in Microsoft Word
  • How to have different headers or footers in the same document

Headers and footers make a document look professional and also automates functions such as adding page numbers, document names and document properties that automatically update.


  • Free online Word 2016 Training
  • 1 Online Word Test & matching Word Tutorial

  • Track Changes in Word 2016 – Comments in Word TUTORIAL

    Track Changes in Word 2016 – Comments in Word TEST

    • What are track changes in Word – Comments in Word?
    • How to insert comments in Word – Delete comments in Word
    • How to add track changes in Word 2016 documents
    • How to accept track changes in Word – reject track changes

    Documents go through various revisions and edits. Make your comments or document changes stand out by inserting comments and using track changes.


    What is MS Word? ~ How to use MS Word

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    What Version of MS Word are you using?

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