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    25th August 2015
    Formulas to Manipulate & Clean Data Excel Tutorial
    Formulas to Manipulate & Clean Data Excel Test
    * Using UPPER, LOWER & PROPER to Change Text Case
    * Using TRIM to Remove Extra Spaces
    * Using LEFT & RIGHT Function to Extract Characters

    Text is not always in exactly the right format that you need it. Sometimes you need to change the case of words to upper or lower case or remove extra spaces or characters. Doing this manually can take up a lot of time and can lead to data entry errors. Formulas allow you to perform the above functions in record time. 

    12th August 2015
    VLOOKUP  & INDEX-MATCH Excel Tutorial
    * Using VLOOKUP
    * Using INDEX-MATCH

    Formulas like VLOOKUP, and INDEX-MATCH make it possible to look up and match data from one sheet to the next and removes the need to manually find information contained in your worksheets.  

    2nd August 2015
    Using Data Validation Tools Excel Tutorial
    Using Data Validation Tools Excel Test
    * What is Data Validation?
    * Numbers, Dates & Time Validation Criteria
    * Data Validation Lists
    * Input Messages
    * Removing a Filter
    * Removing Data Validation

    To analyze data in Excel, the data must be entered consistently. If you type “yes” for one instance but “Y” in another instance, you will not be able to analyze the data easily. Data analysis tools ensure that values are entered in the same format where specified throughout your worksheet. 

    30th July 2015
    Using Notes in PowerPoint Tutorial
    Using Notes in PowerPoint Test
    * What are Notes
    * How to Add Notes to a Slide
    * How to Use Notes During a Presentation
    * Printing Notes

    Notes are for the presenter. They are the details of what you want to say when a particular slide is being projected. The Notes function in PowerPoint fulfill the role of a speaker’s flashcards or printout of a speech used during a talk to guide the presenter as to what they want to say as each slide in the presentation is displayed.

    23rd July 2015
    Working with Multiple Worksheets Excel Tutorial
    Working with Multiple Worksheets Excel Test
    * Create and Delete Worksheets
    * Copy and Move Worksheets
    * Format Multiple Worksheets Simultaneously
    * Calculate Formulas Across Worksheets

    Excel workbooks can have hundreds of worksheets. You could have a worksheet for each month, or each location, or each person. You need to know how to add and delete worksheets, format multiple worksheets at the same time, insert data into multiple worksheets and calculate formulas across worksheets.

    21st July 2015
    Creating and Modifying Excel Charts Tutorial
    Creating and Modifying Excel Charts Test
    * Select and Insert a Chart
    * Edit Data Ranges for a Chart
    * Change Chart Type and Layout
    * Formatting a Chart

    Charts are a graphical representation of your data. How to create a bar or pie chart. Knowing how to format charts using the Design, Layout and Format tabs to change colors, labels and scale makes you an Excel Chart Wizard!

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