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    5th of October 2015
    Repetition Control Structures Java Programming Test
    Creating a program using different Repetition Control Structures like while, do-while and for loop statements.

    29th September 2015
    Conditional Formatting Excel Tutorial
    Conditional Formatting Excel Test
    * What is Conditional Formatting?
    * Highlight Cell Rules
    * Top and Bottom Rules
    * Manage Rules
    * Remove Rules

    Conditional Formatting lets you highlight data. You can apply different formatting to a cell or cells that meet your specific conditions i.e. all cells over $5000 or the top 10 items or all of the cells within a date range. This can help you focus on what’s really important.

    21st September 2015
    Protecting Worksheets Excel Tutorial
    Protecting Worksheets Excel Test
    * Password Protect a Workbook
    * Protect a Worksheet from Changes
    * Protect a Workbook Structure from Changes
    * Unlocking Selected Cells to Allow Edits

    Data in an Excel worksheet can be highly confidential when it contains, for example, personal details, salaries or bonuses of staff at a company or even your personal budget. Another security issue is when other viewers or users of the worksheet inadvertently or intentionally change formulas or data without your knowledge and thus compromise the integrity of the data. Excel provides multiple functions to protect your worksheet and data so that other people can’t change some or all of it or access it without prior authorization. 

    15th September 2015
    Concatenate Function, Convert Text to Columns & Remove Duplicates Excel Tutorial
    Concatenate Function, Convert Text to Columns & Remove Duplicates Excel Test
    * How to Use the Concatenate Function
    * Convert Text to Columns
    * Remove Duplicate Values

    Sometimes you need to combine the contents of different cells into one, sometimes you need to split the data in a cell into separate cells. Use the concatenate function to combine words and even numbers that are contained across different columns into one cell. The converse function of concatenate is the Text to Columns function which allows you to separate text across different columns. Excel even has a built-in function to remove duplicate values to ensure your data is free from repeat entries.

    7th September 2015
    Using the Slide Sorter View PowerPoint Tutorial
    Using the Slide Sorter View PowerPoint Test
    * What is the Slide Sorter View
    * Change the Order of Slides
    * Delete Slides
    * Hide and Unhide Slides
    * Insert and Remove Sections

    The Slide Sorter view lets you see multiple slides in thumbnail view. This makes it easy to see the sequence of slides, change the order, hide or unhide, or delete them.

    5th September 2015
    Printing Large Excel Worksheets Tutorial
    Printing Large Excel Worksheets Test
    * Scaling a Page for Printing
    * Insert Page Breaks
    * Move Page Breaks in Page Break Preview Window
    * Set Print Area

    Sometimes your whole worksheet does not print on one piece of paper. There are modifications you can make to print an Excel worksheet either on one page or at least with all of the columns on one page.

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