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typing quizzes
    26th Sept 2016
      We've added a fun 30 second Excel Shortcuts video tutorial.  If you like it we'll add more...

      23rd Sept 2016
      * Domain Name Extensions TLDs List - .com too boring?
      There is a huge and somewhat daunting list of domain name extensions / TLDs (Top Level Domains) available these days. AKA website names. We sell 378 Common Domain Names and 58 International Domain Names. If you are ready for something more exciting than .com or .net check it out!

      22nd Sept 2016
      * How to buy Domain Names - Article
      Buying a domain name is an investment in cyber real estate. It may be cheap but there are mistakes that can cost you dearly. An example of a costly mistake a client made...

      20th Sept 2016
      How to choose a Domain Name wisely ARTICLE
      I’ve been buying domain names for small business and hobby websites for 20 years or so
      and have learnt a few things along the way. Avoid the pitfalls and get it right the first time. There are mistakes that can cost you big time and seriously affect the viability of your business.

      2nd August 2016
      Collective Nouns Lesson
      Collective Nouns Test
      * What is a collective noun?
      * Examples of collective nouns
      * Using collective nouns
      * Singular collective nouns
      * Plural collective nouns
      Collective nouns describe groups of nouns, like people, animals or things. They are very useful in everyday speech and fun to learn!

      6th May 2016
      Common Nouns & Proper Nouns Lesson
      Common Nouns & Proper Nouns Test
      * What is a noun?
      * Some basic definitions of nouns
      * Proper nouns
      * Common nouns
      * Eponyms
      Deciding whether or not a noun should have a capital letter or not can be confusing! But there are a few easy ways to remember how! 

      21st April 2016
      Working with Images & Graphical Elements Excel Tutorial
      Working with Images & Graphical Elements Excel Test
      * How to Insert an Image
      * How to Insert Shapes
      * Working with SmartArt
      * Changing the Background Color

      Just because a worksheet contains a lot of numbers or data does not mean it cannot look good. You can insert images and shapes, background colors and use SmartArt to make a worksheet in Excel visually more appealing.

      1st April 2016
      Using Financial Functions Excel Tutorial
      Using Financial Functions Excel Test
      * Overview of the PMT Function
      * Calculate Monthly Payments (PMT)
      * Calculate Interest Rate (Rate)
      * Calculate Number of Payments (NPER)
      * Calculate Amount You Can Afford to Loan (PV)

      Do you know how to use the most popular Financial Functions? PMT (payment for a loan), PV (present value of a loan), RATE (interest rate of a loan) and NPER (number of payments that have to be made to repay a loan).

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