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    14th Nov 2018
    Formatting Text and Numbers in Excel 2016 Tutorial
    Formatting Text and Numbers in Excel 2016 Test
    * Selecting a font type, color and size
    * Using bold, italic and underline
    * Selecting and applying built-in cell styles
    * Using the format painter
    * Clear formatting from cells

    Formatting functions in Excel provide options that will make the data in your worksheet easier to read and understand. Use different fonts, font colors and sizes, bold, italic, underline and built in styles to create visually appealing worksheets.

    4th July 2018
    Adding Text and Numbers to a Worksheet Tutorial Excel 2016
    Adding Text and Numbers to a Worksheet Test Excel 2016
    * How to add text or numbers to cells
    * How to align cell content
    * Resizing rows and columns to fit cell contents
    * Fitting contents to column width
    * How to add paragraphs to cells
    * How to edit and delete cell contents

    Adding text or numerical values to a worksheet requires the ability to insert, edit, fit and delete cell contents. Master the Excel grid of cells, rows and columns by adding headings, paragraphs, row or column headings and capturing values.

    2nd July 2018
    Window and Zoom Options in Excel 2016 Tutorial
    Window and Zoom Options in Excel 2016 Test
    * Get a better look by zooming in and out of a worksheet
    * View different parts of the same workbook at the same time
    * How to find functions on the Ribbon
    * Freeze rows or columns so that they remain visible when you scroll

    Manipulate Excel windows to aid viewing, comparing and editing different sections of a workbook or sheet at the same time. The Freeze Pane, New Window, Synchronous Scrolling and Zoom options are a few of the window options that will make mastering Excel a breeze!

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