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      6th Dec 2018
      Customizing Number & Text Formats in Excel 2016 Tutorial
      Customizing Number & Text Formats in Excel 2016 Test
      * How to use Currency and Accounting Formats
      * How to use Percentage and Decimal Places
      * How to use Date and Time Formats
      * How to use Custom Formats

      Excel treats all data entered in the form of text or numbers in a specific way depending on whether it is a numerical value, percentage, text, date, time, currency, etc. To ensure data is read correctly by Excel and users, format cells, rows and columns with specific value formats to ensure the data displays correctly and behaves as expected.

      26th Nov 2018
      Aligning Cell Content in Excel 2016 Tutorial
      Aligning Cell Content in Excel 2016 Test
      * Horizontal, Vertical and Diagonal Cell Alignment 
      * Horizontal Cell Alignment 
      * Vertical Cell Alignment 
      * Diagonal Cell Alignment 
      * Wrap Text in a Cell 
      * Merge and Center Cell Content 
      * Indent Cell Content

      Use the Alignment Group tools in Excel to merge headings across columns and rows, change the position of text within a cell and set horizontal and vertical alignment of data to improve readability.

      14th Nov 2018
      Formatting Text and Numbers in Excel 2016 Tutorial
      Formatting Text and Numbers in Excel 2016 Test
      * Selecting a font type, color and size
      * Using bold, italic and underline
      * Selecting and applying built-in cell styles
      * Using the format painter
      * Clear formatting from cells

      Formatting functions in Excel provide options that will make the data in your worksheet easier to read and understand. Use different fonts, font colors and sizes, bold, italic, underline and built in styles to create visually appealing worksheets.

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