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Customizing Number &
Text Formats in Excel Test
Excel 2016 Test
Data Entry and Formatting in Excel 2016

Free Online Microsoft Excel Quiz

* How to use Currency and Accounting Formats
* How to use Percentage and Decimal Places
* How to use Date and Time Formats
* How to use Custom Formats

10 Question Multiple Choice Quiz with Answers and Answer Explanations


  Customizing Number & 
Text Formats in Excel Test
Excel 2016 Test

Customizing Number & Text Formats in Excel 2016 Quiz

1) Which of the dates below was created applying the custom date format of dd/mm/yyyy?
a) 01 December 2018
b) 01-12-2018.
c) 1-Dec-2018
d) 01/12/2018

2) What does the keyboard shortcut combination Ctrl + Shift + # do?
a) It applies the Date Number Format.
b) It applies the Percentage Number Format..
c) It applies the Currency Number Format.
d) It applies the Time Number format.

3) Study the screenshot above. What is the function of the two buttons outlined in orange?
a) They change the contents of selected cells to the Currency Format.
b) They increase and decrease the numerical value of selected cells.
c) They increase and decrease decimal points in selected cells.
d) They open the Number and Currency Format dialog boxes.

4) What is the purpose of the keyboard shortcut combination: Ctrl + Shift + @?
a) It is used to apply the Email Format to cells.
b)It is used to apply the Time Format to cells.
c) It is used to apply the Date Format to cells.
d) It is used to apply the Custom Number Format to cells.

5) Study the screenshot above. What is the purpose of the Type box (outlined in orange)?
a) It displays the selected Custom Format. You can type your own format into this box using formatting codes.
b) It is the Date Format box. It only displays available date formats.
c) It is the Date Formula box. Type formulas that use dates into this box.
d) It is the Set Date box. Set the current date for your computer using this box.

6) What would a cell containing the number 25 display when you apply the following Custom Number Format to it:  0.00 Boxes of Cement?

a) 25 Boxes of Cement
b) 2.5 Boxes of Cement
c) 25
d) 25.00 Boxes of Cement

7) What is the shortcut key combination to format selected cells with a currency symbol?

a) Ctrl+Alt+$
b) Ctrl+Shift+$
c) Ctr+$
d) Shift+$

8) Which of the following are Number Formatting categories you will find in Excel’s Format Cells dialog box?
a) Accounting
b) Currency
c) Text
d) All of the above.

9) Which of the following is the keyboard shortcut combination for launching the Custom Number Format dialog box?
a) Ctrl+C
b) Ctrl+1
c) Ctrl+#
d) Ctrl+Shift+N

10) Under which tab on the Ribbon will you find the Number Format options?
a) Under the Insert tab.
b) Under the Formulas tab.
c) Under the Home tab.
d) Under the Data tab.

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