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World's Smallest Political Quiz
Use the improved political compass to test your identity by taking the World's Smallest Political Quiz

Political Matchmaker
Do a test that helps you choose a political party.

A Satirical Political Beliefs Assessment Test
A humorous test to discover if you're a conservative, liberal, libertarian, or a communist.

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About Politics

Politics is the process by which groups make decisions. Although the term is generally applied to behavior within governments, politics is observed in all human (and many non-human) group interactions, including corporate, academic, and religious institutions. Political science (also political studies) is the study of political behavior and examines the acquisition and application of power.

V.G. Childe describes the transformation of human society that took place around 6000 BCE as an urban revolution. Among the features of this new type of civilization were the institutionalization of social stratification, non-agricultural specialised crafts (including priests and lawyers), taxation, and writing, all of which require clusters of densely populated settlements - city-states. The word politics is derived from the Greek word for city-state, "polis". Corporate, religious, academic and every other polity, especially those constrained by limited resources, contain dominance hierarchy and therefore politics. Politics is most often studied in relation to the administration of governments. The oldest form of government was tribal organization. Rule by elders was supplanted by monarchy, often aided by military conquest, led to a system of Feudalism as an arrangement where a single family dominated the political affairs of a community. Monarchies have existed in one form or another for the past 5000 years of human history.

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