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What is MS Word? ~ How to Use Word

Microsoft Word Article

What is Microsoft Word?

Ever since man learnt to read and write, using symbols to communicate thoughts, ideas and messages, a need to invent systems that allow for the creation, formatting and storing of these texts, have existed. In the latter half of the 20th century the word processor was invented as a stand-alone machine that allowed for the typing and storing of text. With the advent of the Computer Age, dedicated software programs that married the functions of traditional word processing machines to the computer, came into being.

One such word processing program was Microsoft Word 1.0, which was first introduced to the world in 1983. Initially only capable of allowing a user to type text, store text and apply basic formatting to it, the program evolved over the next 30+ years. Around 14 versions later, we have Microsoft Word 2010 and 2013, which can perform everything from desktop publishing to embedding videos.

Today Microsoft Word is the most commonly used word processor in the world, acting as both the conduit and platform for business people, writers, journalists, students, desktop publishers and anyone wanting to communicate a message, create, format, store and share their ideas.

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What can Microsoft Word be used for?

Microsoft Word is ideally suited for tasks that require the creation of documents such as books, manuals, journals, articles, CVs, letters or reports. Additionally, creative publications such as brochures, flyers, advertisements, forms, cards and invitations are easy to create from scratch or using MS Word's built in templates.

What can Microsoft Word be used for?

Long gone are the days where you could only use MS Word for typing and storing static text with some minor formatting. The newer versions of Microsoft Word enable you to create complex tables that include auto calculating formulas, built-in styles that can be converted into functioning eBooks, embed videos, create multilevel list numbering that auto updates and use fields to create interactive forms. These are only a few of the amazing things you can do using Microsoft Word. Learn more about how to use Microsoft Word's functions by completing the TestsTestsTests.com FREE online Microsoft Word 2010 Tutorials and Tests.

What are the benefits of using Microsoft Word to perform the above functions?

There are numerous programs that allow you to enter, save and share text. Many people use WordPad or Notepad, which are basic text editors that comes packaged with Microsoft Windows. Some people use Microsoft Excel to create tables or even to type letters.

Microsoft Word has been designed specifically for working with text: typing, formatting, storing and sharing documents. Tools that allow for easy, professional and complex document formatting, table creation, automatic text entry of frequently used words or phrases, editing graphics and photos, SmartArt and proofing tools, such as the spellchecker, are only a few of the reasons to use Microsoft Word. It is the perfect solution for any project requiring the manipulation of text and graphics to communicate a message.

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What is MS Word? ~ How to use MS Word

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