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Microsoft Excel  2016 Training Index Page
Free Online Excel 2016 Tutorials & Tests

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Top 10 Microsoft Excel Templates for highly effective people
Packaged as part of the Microsoft Office 2016 suite as well as Office 365, Excel 2016 is a powerful productivity tool with some mind-blowing features.  MS Excel spreadsheets are not only great for financial workbooks and budgets, it can also be used for creating calendars and schedules, fitness tracker, invoices, to do lists, weight loss tracker, vehicle service logs, address lists and much more.

1. Learn Excel Basics - Excel 2016
* Free Excel 2016 Training
* 3 Online Tutorials & 3 Tests with Answer Explanations

What’s New in Excel 2016? Excel 2016 Tutorial
What’s New in Excel 2016? Excel 2016 Test
* Tell Me Search Box
* People Graph Add-In
* Map Chart
* Quick Analysis Tools
* Smart Lookup

Excel 2016 is the latest version of Microsoft’s well-known spreadsheet program. It is packed full with improvements to existing functions and a host of new useful and exciting features. This tutorial will introduce you to a couple of the highlights of Excel 2016.

The different parts of the Excel Screen Tutorial - Excel 2016 Tutorial
The different parts of the Excel Screen Test - Excel 2016 Test
* How does the Excel Ribbon work?
* QAT - Quick Access Toolbar options
* Rows and columns in a worksheet
* Worksheet tabs in a workbook
* The Name Box and Formula Bar
If you are new to Excel, it is highly recommended that you familiarize yourself with the layout and terminology for all the parts of the Excel 2016 screen.  The Excel screen comprises elements such as the Ribbon, Tabs, Quick Access Toolbar, Name Box, Formula Bar, Column and Row Labels, cells and Worksheet Tabs.

Navigating Excel Workbooks & Excel Sheets Tutorial
Navigating Excel Workbooks & Excel Sheets Test
* Moving around rows and columns
* Selecting cell ranges
* Moving between worksheets
* Go to specific Excel cells
* Excel Find Function find numbers or words

Navigating around an Excel worksheet is a skill worth developing. Workbooks can contain data that runs over multiple rows, columns and worksheets and finding what you are looking for can be daunting. Knowing how to select cell ranges, quickly move to the beginning or end of a section of data or using Go To and Find to navigate to specific data sets, makes this easy!


Excel Training - Excel Training & Excel MOS Exams Explained

How to use Excel - What is Microsoft Excel? What can Microsoft Excel be used for? What are the benefits of using Microsoft Excel to perform the above functions?

What MS Excel Training is best for you? Quiz.- Being aware of what kind of Excel user you are, what you wish to use the program for, how often you use it and at what level you currently are (for example Novice, Intermediate or Expert), could act as a guide for the type of training you need to pursue.

What Version of Excel are you using? Find out how to find out!

Top 10 Microsoft Excel Templates for highly effective people