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Top 10 Microsoft Excel Templates to save you time and get your life under control!

Packaged as part of the Microsoft Office 2016 suite as well as Office 365, Excel 2016 is a powerful productivity tool with some mind-blowing features.  MS Excel spreadsheets are not only great for financial workbooks and budgets, it can also be used for creating calendars and schedules, fitness tracker, invoices, to do lists, weight loss tracker, vehicle service logs, address lists and much more.

We reviewed the top 10 Microsoft Excel 2016 templates as provided by the Microsoft Corporation which are available for download to anyone with a licensed copy or subscription of Microsoft Excel 2016.

To access the Excel Template library, do the following:
1. Open Microsoft Excel 2016

2. Click on the File tab

How to access the Excel Template library

3.  Click on New and type the name of the Excel Template into the search box. Click the magnifying glass or press Enter to view the gallery.

 How to access the Excel Template library

4. Review the items in the gallery and click to select the template you wish to use.  The template will be displayed in a preview window, and if you like it and want to use it, click on Create to start using the template.

There are thousands of templates available for download within Excel 2016, but we have reviewed the most frequently used ones to find the Top 10 Microsoft Excel templates to help you organize your life like a professional.
Let the countdown begin!

10. Vehicle Log Book & Mileage Log Book Template

The vehicle log book template is packed full of features that help you keep track of all expenses relating to your vehicle, including monthly car loan repayments, gas and mechanical maintenance.  Use this template to get clarity as to the cost of running your current vehicle and compare it to what it would cost to purchase and maintain a newer model.

Vehicle Log Book & Mileage Log Book Template

9. Grocery List Template

Grocery lists are as old as, well, grocery stores, and haven’t really changed much in centuries. Use the Excel grocery list template to plan which grocery items to buy, what they cost, the quantity needed and even from which shop to buy them. 

Grocery List Template

8. Fitness Tracker - Excel Templates

We know that keeping fit is essential for the wellbeing of our bodies, but keeping track of exercise and fitness goals achieved, can be difficult.  Motivate yourself to achieve exercise goals by using the Excel Fitness Tracker template to monitor your performance.

Fitness Tracker - Excel Templates

7. Weight Loss Tracker - Excel Templates

Losing weight is said to be one of the hardest things to do, it requires self-discipline, dedication and deprivation to work.  The Excel weight loss tracker with BMI template makes losing weight and setting   goals achievable using visual elements such as graphs, calculators and creative layout.

Weight Loss Tracker - Excel Templates

6. Excel Schedule Template - Daily Schedule

Whether you’re a student, parent, employee, business owner (or all of these), managing your time is essential to getting things done.  Use the Excel daily schedule template to create a customized time-based schedule of appointments and tasks that need to be completed during specific time slots. 

Excel Schedule Template - Daily Schedule

5. Excel To Do List Template

There are thousands of different tools out there to keep track of everything you need to do and these range in complexity from pen and paper to specialized software aps.  The Excel to do list template falls somewhere in the middle of these two examples and is a great tool to create to do lists for yourself, family, colleagues and housemates.  Cross out completed tasks and use the assignment option to add items to someone’s to do list.

Excel To Do List Template

4. Excel Contact List Template - Customer Contacts List

Although this template is called customer contact list, it is equally useful for keeping a record of general contacts, emergency contacts, teams, employees and student study groups.  It is easy to add contact details to this list and even easier to retrieve the details of a contact when needed.

Excel Contact List Template - Customer Contacts List

3. Excel Calendar Template - Personalized Calendar

Until quite recently, finding a yearly customizable calendar was a challenge. Although it was always easy to find monthly calendars using online Google searches or using the Calendar tool in Microsoft Outlook, finding a yearly calendar which can be edited and branded, has been elusive.  The MS Excel any year calendar with holidays offers a yearly printable calendar as well as monthly sheets.

Excel Calendar Template - Personalized Calendar

2. Project Plan Template Excel - Gantt Project Planner

Don’t be put off by Excel templates that are called project plans or Gantt charts.  Project management tools are no longer limited to project managers and templates such as this one, can be used by anyone who wishes to break a project they are working on, into smaller tasks.  Projects can include planning for a Festive Season Fair to designing a website from the ground-up.

Project Plan Template Excel - Gantt Project Planner

1. Excel Budget Template - Personal Budget

The personal budget template in Excel takes budgeting to the next level. The Excel money management template empowers you through instant calculations and visual displays of financial situations, to better manage your income, expenses and motivates you to building up your savings account.

Excel Budget Template - Personal Budget

What is your favorite Excel 2016 template? Let us know if you would like it addded to our list!