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Have you ever been for a loss of words when you wanted to say those three little ones? Well I know some of you have. Here are some ideas that might help you out when you want to say more then I Love You.

1. Travel more then one (1) hour out of town together.
2. Dance with or without music. (Always ask first, not only with words)
3. Dance with her in public.
4. Dance in the rain. (Even in your best outfit)
5. Candles/Incense/Oils/Blacklight make for great cuddling/sex.
6. Sleep together. (Actually sleep, not sex)
7. Be a prince to her parents. (Brownie points)
8. Share a plate of spaghetti. (Ever see Lady and the Tramp?)
9. Give her roses or wildflowers. For no reason, often.
10. Do the little things. (I.E., Pull out chairs, open doors, hold hands....)
11. Notice when she does the little things.
12. Surprise her with dinner and dancing. (On dinner and a movie date night)
14. Never, ever forget holidays! (Take him/her somewhere!)
15. Girls like guys who will listen to sappy love songs. (When she's around, and without groaning)
16. Always ask them how their day was...and listen!
17. Say I love you to each other, at least once in every 24 hour period.
18. Quote her favorite movie.
19. On holidays have her song played at least once...without her having to tell you to.
20. Romantic/classical music and candles/fires make for great cuddling.
21. Stargaze on a clear night. (New moons are the best times)
22. Find a nice secluded spot that is only yours.
23. Tell her you love her only when you mean it and make sure she knows you mean it.
24. Write poetry/songs for each other.
25. Sing or play a musical instrument. (If you can)
26. Draw. (If you can)
27. Tell her she's beautiful, even in sweatpants and a tee-shirt. (And mean it)
28. Be nice to her friends, but not too nice. (More brownie points)
29. Watch the sunset together.
30. Call from your vacation spot just to say hi.
31. Go 30 minutes out of your way just spend a few hours with her.
32. Order for her. (Ask her what she wants and then tell the waiter/waitress for her)
33. Always appear to pay. (Even if it's Dutch)
34. Do things you have never done before with her.
35. Flirt in public. (Yes, that means holding hands)
36. PDA - Public Displays of Affection.
37. DON'T make her do anything she doesn't want to.
38. Let her lay on your lap and run your fingers through her hair. (She would do it to you)
39. Always chase after her. (Especially after fights)
40. Touch her in a loving way. (Seduce her)
41. Have a candlelight dinner for two at least once a year.
42. Love yourself before you love anyone else.
43. Cook for each other.
44. Go on a twilight picnic.
45. Whisper sweet nothings.
46. Request/dedicate songs to each other.
47. Make memories together.
48. Let there never be a moment when you are not thinking about them, and make sure they know that.
49. Buy her a ring.
50. Be there for the good and the bad times.
51. Walk her to her door.
52. Don't just tell her you love her, show her.
53. Spend all day with her doing nothing.
54. Go home and call her to talk about nothing.
55. Moonlit walks on the beach. (Lake or ocean...no difference)
56. Introduce them as your girlfriend or boyfriend to your friends.
57. Take her to a romantic movie and remember the parts she likes.
58. Find out her favorite flower and give it to her for her birthday. (No matter how difficult it is to find)
59. Know her favorite flower, color, number, animal, song (or band) and movie.
60. Compliment her for no reason. (NEVER LIE she can tell)
61. Treat her the way she wants to be treated, not the way other girls want to be treated.
62. When you say I'm sorry look them in the eyes.
63. In disagreements, fight fair. No name calling!
64. Don't let little mistakes become big mistakes.
65. Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer.
66. Never interrupt when you are being flattered.
67. Always close your eyes. Staring is rude.
68. Go on a carriage ride through the park.
69. You figure it out.
70. Share your deep dark secrets with each other.
71. Tell them your fantasies.
72. Make them feel important.
73. Lips were made for kissing. So were cheeks, hands, necks, fingertips, shoulders, etc.
74. Go for a twilight horseback ride.
75. Never ever physically hurt her intentionally.
76. Sit on the floor at the movie theater.
77. Have your picture taken together.
78. Eat ice cream together.
79. Go to a museum together.
80. Talk to each other using only body language.
81. Send a silly/sappy card just because you were thinking about them.
82. Give them space when they need it.
83. Carve your names into a tree/table.
84. Go for a walk at dusk together.
85. Send them a singing telegram or the email smile
86. Spend all night thinking of 1001 sweet things to do for them.
87. Hold them and gaze into there eyes and realize how much you love them and tell them that.
88. Gently run your hand across their cheek and look in their eyes.
89. Blindfold them and take them somewhere romantic.
90. If you cannot feel their heartbeat, you are not close enough.
91. Go roller/ice skating together.
92. Give backrubs just because.
93. Everyone deserves a second chance. (Or third...)
94. When people put them down, defend them.
95. Don't have sex, make love.
96. Do anything to impress them.
97. ALWAYS be honest with them. (Even if you know it's gonna hurt... it'll hurt more if you lie.)
98. Go hiking/camping together.
99. Give them stuffed animals just because.
100. Treat her like a princess.


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1. Go out on a weekend afternoon and have a day date for a change.
2. Start your own private book club with him.
3. Have him weigh in on a new set of bedsheets.
4. Keep him company when he's outside barbecuing in the rain.
5. Try something outdoorsy that he really likes doing fishing, hiking, skiing but you've never done before.
6. Wake him up early to see the sunrise with you, then go back to sleep.
7. End your weekend with a late-night walk together (hold hands, too).
8. Join him at his place of worship if he practices a different religion from yours.
9. Have him teach you how to tie a tie.
10. Take him to the town where you grew up and share your good and bad memories with him.
11. Play hooky from work and spend it together.
12. Plan to do something culturally enlightening once a month then alternate who plans.
13. Encourage him to find a cause that's important to him and get involved together.
14. Get a bikini wax in the middle of winter.
15. Offer to scrub his back when he's taking his three-minute morning shower.
16. Wear your sexiest shoes and nothing else to bed.
17. Rub your favorite dry-skin lotion all over his achy feet.
18. Invite him to join you in the bathtub during what's supposed to be your precious alone time.
19. Let him change your mind when you don't think you're in the mood.
20. Get some lingerie in his favorite color.
21. Pat him on the butt in front of his buddies.
22. Get a temporary tattoo and have him strip-search you to find it.
23. Scratch his back when you get into bed without him having to ask.
24. Draw the curtains and declare it a naked day.
25. Grab his crotch when you're on a crowded dance floor or watching a movie in a theater.
26. Wipe your lipstick off your mouth before you attack him with a surprise make-out session.
27. Trace I love you on his back and have him guess what you're writing.
28. Call him right before he leaves the office and tell him you have a sexy surprise for him when he gets home then follow up.
29. Close your eyes and memorize his face with your hands.
30. Stick his pillowcase in the dryer for a few minutes right before he hits the hay on a cold winter night.
31. Tell him you're not wearing underwear the next time you're at a family event.
32. Do your best to stay up and greet him with a hug if he's stuck working super-late.
33. Write him thank-you notes whenever he gets you treats or does huge favors.
34. Take him out for ice cream after he's quit a job he hates, scored a new one, been promoted, or earned a raise.
35. Create a Web page that's a tribute to him.
36. Keep track of his big business meetings so you remember to ask him how they went.
37. Don't just talk about quitting smoking, starting to exercise, or doing something else that's good for you do it.
38. Show up at his softball, hoops, or hockey games and cheer the loudest.
39. Read his magazines and discuss some of the articles with him.
40. Master the fundamentals of his favorite sport to watch or play.
41. Keep your bathroom well stocked with reading material for him.
42. Arrive first, so you can greet him with a huge hug and smile.
43. Pledge to wear your seat belt all the time even when you're in the backseat of a car.
44. Hang a key rack by the front door so he won't lose his keys anymore.
45. Shave the back of his neck for him when he's between haircuts.
46. Take out the garbage or do the dishes when it's his turn.
47. Buy your own razor instead of secretly wearing his down and placing it back on the sink.
48. Keep the kids out of his at-home office or workshop when he's not around to be on patrol.
49. Pay your neighbor's kid to shovel the driveway, rake the leaves, or wash your filthy car.
50. Before you leave for your next road trip with him, study the route so you don't get lost.
51. Cover for him if he accidentally screws up plans with his buddies, your kids, or his parents.
52. Ask his doctor what vitamins he should take.
53. Ask him who his childhood hero was and watch his face light up.
54. Buy him a journal to write down his thoughts and never peek at it, no matter how tempted you are.
55. Buy him a picture book of his home state.
56. Send him goofy holiday cards in the mail it's nice to open something other than bills.
57. Give him a handful of green M and Ms.
58. Encourage him to crank the car stereo up like he used to.
59. Name your next pet after his favorite singer.
60. Skip the bottle of wine and split some beers on your next dinner date.
61. Buy him gifts that have absolutely nothing to do with his job or household maintenance.
62. Get him the sugar cereal he likes and let him keep the prize.
63. Read him the positive thing from his horoscope even if he thinks it's all fluff.
64. Remind his closest guy friends when his birthday is so they'll remember to wish him well.
65. Frame a picture of him as a kid with his best friend or favorite pet.
66. Send him a lunchtime pizza at work to share with his office buddies.
67. Point out which of his good qualities you see in your children.
68. Find out when his family members celebrate birthdays and anniversaries and keep the dates posted on your fridge so he won't forget them.
69. Be the first to suggest that his friends from out of town stay with you even if you're already in tight quarters.
70. Help him research his family tree
71. Send his mom flowers and sign his name on the card.
72. Learn some of his mom's best recipes.
73. Suggest a family vacation you can take with his parents.
74. Plant a tree or bush in your yard as a symbol of your growing relationship.
75. Let him find you asleep wearing one of his favorite T-shirts.
76. Save up to buy yourself a piece of jewelry with his birthstone in it.
77. Save all the cards he gives you.
78. Let him catch you looking at him from across a room.
79. Keep a token of your last romantic getaway by the spot where you always pay the bills.
80. Write his name next to love in your household dictionary and thesaurus.
81. Go to a bookstore, hit the library, or hop online to learn how to say I love you in different languages.
82. Ask him if he'll be your boyfriend even if he already is or if you've been married for years.
83. Make him something simple that he can wear even if it's just embroidering a teeny red heart on the corner of the red bandanna he wears when he works out.
84. Put rose petals around his stack of pancakes in the morning.
85. Maintain a photo album that's exclusively for pictures of the two of you together.
86. Coax him to tell you his version of how you met.
87. Write your initials plus his in a heart on top of a frosted cake, in the wet cement on your new front walkway, or on the grocery list you're giving him.
88. Jazz up a take-out dinner by throwing on your little black dress.
89. Play a recording of your song and ask him to slow dance with you.
90. Allow him to skip your niece's or nephew's kiddie-oriented birthday party.
91. Let him change diapers and dress the kids his way even if that means they leave the house looking like ragamuffins.
92. Let him sleep in on a Saturday.
93. Let him enjoy a plan-free, chore-free, relaxing weekend.
94. Make him one Get out of the doghouse free card and honor it.
95. Let him grow a goatee or major scruff on vacation, even if it irritates your skin when he kisses you.
96. Don't wash, toss out, or complain about his disgusting old baseball hat.
97. Let him dominate the remote when he's feeling sick.
98. Stop telling him how gross certain things about him are (foot fungus, gas problems) he knows.
99. Don't make fun of him for losing his hair, gaining a large belly, or having a frilly middle name.


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When he/she comes home from work late,
have chocolate chip cookies
and a glass of milk waiting for him.

For breakfast, set the table complete with
candles. Leave roses around the house to
lead your love to the table... by pillow, on sink,
with little notes telling where to look next.
Men ~ have her name carved in stone,
most jewelers will do this for you.

Plan a day where you can spend the whole
day in bed with your love. Make small easy
meals ahead of time to eat in bed.
Lay out clothes for your love for
the day, (something he/she would want to
wear, not something you'd like to see
him/her in :) ~ and in each pocket
stash a little love note.

Take different post-it note pads,
write I Love Yous and whys on them,
place them inside your loves'
car during the night.

Get a box of chocolates, feed one to your
love each night in bed.

When your love gets home, have a pillow ready to put
under his/her elevated feet, a favorite drink, and the remote
control (or book of their choice) ~ give them some
uninterrupted quiet time.

Give your love a foot massage today
just because you love them.
Fill the ceiling of a room with
ribbons that reach the floor for
a magical effect.

Put several things you love about your love on post-it notes,
stick them in places he/she will see them in the morning
(bathroom mirror, door they'll be leaving from, on coffeemaker...).

Set up a candlelight picnic on the
living room floor.

Draw a bubble-bath for your love, complete
with candles and soft lights; sit next to the tub
with a cloth and bathe your sweetie.

Use a no-fog cleaning solution to write
I Love You on the bathroom mirror.

Write a letter to your love,
cut it into several parts,
and send one each day.

While your love is in the shower,
put the towel in the dryer so it will
be warm.

Make an I love you book, with an I love you because....
statement on each page, telling your lover why you love them.
You can decorate it however you want, and make a cover for the book,
and bind it, making it a life-long memory!


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Love Tell your honey everyday I Love You! Remember that the power of touch is amazing! Hugs & kisses, holding hands, a little neck or backrub, or just snuggling on the couch with a good movie will keep you in touch! Roses Give roses! You can give roses or any kind of flowers at ANY time of the year! Don't just make it a forgive me thing - Do it for Love! For gals and guys. Cards The best cards are those that you have made yourself with your own words written in them! You may even include a promise note. Candy Buy the best kind of candy, not just what you can grab at the last minute. The kind you know will make your honey go MmMmMm! Dinner Take your honey to dinner and/or a movie every once in a while. If you have kids try to do this at least once or twice a month. If you don't have kids, what are you waiting for? Time Alone Couples tend to get so caught up in their work schedules and their household duties that by the end of the day there isn't much time left for their loved one. Remember, if the love isn't there they may tend to want to go elsewhere! Dancing Yes, dancing! For love's sake, SLOW dancing is the best. Nothing is better than the physical feeling and rhythm of slow dancing. Do it often, even if it is just done at home. Space Everyone needs a little space for themselves. How can you remain yourself without it. It gives you time to reflect on your life and what you need. Especially space is needed when one is angry. Don't fight! Talk it out. Communication Communication is a big key to a good relationship. Talking things over and letting each other know what you like and dislike. It shows where you stand on many issues. Burden Couples should share the burdens of the household as well as the family. It takes two to make the relationship work as well as let any kids involved know that parents are a team, and not someone to play tug- of-war with. Eyes The eyes have it. Eye contact is very important. It lets your loved one know that they have your full attention. Faith Be forever faithful to the one you love! Don't cheat and keep your eyes off of others. Caring Show you care. Help with chores, or open the door of the car, or help with tying a tie, or with putting on a jacket. It's the little things that count. Colored Roses Rose colors have different meanings. Red stands for Passion, pink stands for friendship, yellow stands for Respect, and white stands for Purity. Apart Business trips and such can seperate you at times. Why not send a postcard or a love letter each day to your loved one while they are away. Candles Yes, dinner out is nice. Why not dinner at home by candlelight? Don't forget the soft romantic music. Candles are very romantic for anything and everything! Greetings Greet your loved one at the door when they arrive home. They will feel missed and loved. Ask about their day, listen first and then share your day with them. New? If you are new to love, then take it slow. Most importantly be yourself! Late? If you are going to be late, be sure to call your loved one who is going to be worried about you if you don't call. Love Note To start the day out well, when your bathroom mirror is fogged from the shower, write an I love you note or draw a picture on the medicine cabinet mirror. When the fog clears it won't be seen until the next time your loved one gets out of the shower...and surprise...its a love note!(Sandra) Kisses Noone ever gets too many kisses and hugs from their loved ones. Kisses out of the blue are wonderful surprises. If asked What was that for? you can say Just because I love you! You can never say I love you too much either.


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From those that should know (all questions are answered by kids, ages 5-10).
No one is sure why it happens, but I heard it has something to do with how you smell. That's why perfume and deodorant are so popular.
(Jan, 9)
I think you're supposed to get shot with an arrow or something, but the rest of it isn't supposed to be so painful.
(Harlen, 8)
If you want to be loved by somebody who isn't already in your family, it doesn't hurt to be beautiful.
(Jeanne, 8)
It isn't always just how you look. Look at me. I'm handsome like anything and I haven't got anybody to marry me yet.
(Gary, 7)
Eighty-four, because at that age you don't have to work anymore, and you can spend all your time loving each other...
(Judy, 8)
Once I'm done with kindergarten, I'm going to find me a wife.
(Tom, 5)
On the first date, they just tell each other lies, and that usually gets them interested enough to go for a second date.
(Mike, 10)
You should never kiss a girl unless you have enough bucks to buy her a big ring and her own VCR 'cause she'll want to have videos of the wedding.
(Jim, 10)
Never kiss in front of other people. It's a big embarrassing thing if anybody sees you. But if nobody sees you, I might be willing to try it with a handsome boy, but just for a few hours.
(Kally, 9)
I'm in favor of love as long as it doesn't happen when 'The Simpsons' is on television.
(Anita, 6)
Love will find you, even if you are trying to hide from it. I have been trying to hide from it since I was five, but the girls keep finding me.
(Bobby, 8)


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