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Typing Practice qweruiop Top Row Typing Test

Practice Typing the Top Row letters qweruiop  

Practice Typing the Top Row letters qweruiop with this free
Online Typing Test
WPM, CPM & Accuracy

*Scroll down to see letter placement on the keyboard and finger placement.





1. Place your fingers on the HOME ROW keys asdfjkl; marked in red.

2. Practice typing the TOP ROW keys qweruiop and the space bar marked in green.

Keyboard finger placement - Typing Practice qweruiop Top Row Typing Test

3. Check you are using the correct fingers on the keyboard in the image below. The letters you are practicing in this test are marked in black.

4. You can share your score on Facebook.

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6. Consolidate your practice with the Typing Speed Test.

Which fingers to use on the keyboard - Typing Practice qweruiop Home Row Typing Test

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