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Articles to help with Buying Domain Names

* How to choose a Domain Name wisely - Article

I’ve been buying domain names for small business and hobby websites for 20 years or so and have learnt a few things along the way. Avoid the pitfalls and get it right the first time. There are mistakes that can cost you big time and seriously affect the viability of your business.

* How to buy Domain Names - Article

Buying a domain name is an investment in cyber real estate. It may be cheap but there are mistakes that can cost you dearly. An example of a costly mistake a client made...

* Domain Name Extensions TLDs List for when you are ready to move on from .com
There is a huge and somewhat daunting list of domain name extensions / TLDs (Top Level Domains) available these days. AKA website names. We sell 378 Common Domain Names and 58 International Domain Names. If you are ready for something more exciting than .com or .net check it out!