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Domain Name Extensions TLDs List

There is a huge and somewhat daunting list of domain name extensions / TLDs (Top Level Domains) available these days. AKA website names. We sell 378 Common Domain Names and 58 International Domain Names. Things have really changed since the olden wild wild west days of just .com, .org, .net. .gov. Although .com domains are considered to be the most valuable by far, there are not so many available. There are people out there who make their living from buying domain names they think will be valuable and they think they will be able to sell on at a large or even small profit.

.com domains are probably going to be the most valuable website names for as long as the internet exists. But things are changing. What is most important is having a website name and extention that your customers can and will remember and that make people want to click on your link in the search engine search results. So there is definitely room to be creative! Yay!

It is worth taking a look at what is available as one of the exotic domain names may just click for you and your business - and you may not be able to get the .com .net .org or country code you want...and the country codes serve as a geography lesson...there are sure to be a few countries you have enver heard of!

So here is the list of “Common TLDs” (Top Level Domains) and “International TLDs” available from www.TestsTestsTests.com

Common Domain Names
TLDs (Top Level Domains)

International Domain Names
TLDs (Top Level Domains)



.ACTOR .BZ (Belize)
.AGENCY .COM.BZ (Belize)
.APARTMENTS .CO (Commonly used for COmpany, COmmunity)
.ARCHI .COM.CO (Columbia suggested for commercial use)
.ARMY .NET.CO (Columbia network infrastructure)
.ASIA .NOM.CO (Columbia individual or personal websites)
.ASSOCIATES .GS (South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands)
.ATTORNEY .LA ( Los Angeles)
.AUCTION .MS (Leeward Islands)
.AUDIO .MX (Mexico)
.AUTO .COM.MX (The official domain for Mexico businesses)
.BAND .PE (Peru)
.BAR .COM.PE (The domain for Peruvian businesses)
.BARGAINS .ORG.PE (non-profit in Peru)
.BAYERN .NOM.PE (It's your one-of-a-kind Peruvian name)
.BEER .TC (Turkey and Caicos Islands)
.BERLIN .US (United States)
.BEST .COM.VE (Venezuela)
.BET .ORG.VE (The domain for organizations in Venezuela)
.BID .NET.VE (Venezuela)
.BIKE WEB.VE (The Venezuelan domain for individuals)
.BINGO .CO.VE (Venezuela)
.BIO .INFO.VE (Suited for Venezuelan shoppers)
.BIZ .VG (Virgin Island)



.BOUTIQUE .AM (Armenia)
.BUILD .AT (Austrian)
.BUILDERS .BE (Belgium)
.BUSINESS .CH (Switzerland)
.BUZZ .CZ (Czech Republic)
.(CAB .DE (Germany)
.CAFE .COM.ES (Business in Spain)
.CAMP .ES (All-purpose domain for sites Spain)
.CAPITAL .ORG.ES (Clubs or organizations Spain)
.CAR .EU (THE domain for the European community)
.CARDS .FR (France)
.CARE .IO (British Indian Ocean Territory)
.CAREERS .IT (Italy)
.CARS .ME (Montenegro)
.CASA .NL (Netherlands)
.CASH .PL (Poland)
.CASINO .BIZ.PL (Poland)
.CENTER .NET.PL (Poland)
.CEO .ORG.PL (Poland)
.CHAT .INFO.PL (Poland)
.CHEAP .SE (Sweden)
.CHRISTMAS .CO.UK (U.K.-based businesses)
.CHURCH .ME.UK (Britain)
.CITY .ORG.UK (Organizations in the U.K.)
.CLAIMS .UK (United Kingdom)



.CLOTHING .CC (Cocos Islands - Keeling Islands)
.CLOUD .FM (All the islands of Micronesia)
.CLUB .IN (Indian)
.COACH .CO.IN (India)
.COM .NET.IN (India)
.COMMUNITY .ORG.IN (Organization India)
.COMPANY .KR (Korea)
(Korea).CONSULTING .NU (The island nation of Niue)
.CONTRACTORS .CO.NZ (New Zealand business)
.COOKING .NET.NZ (New Zealand)
.COOL .ORG.NZ (New Zealand-based organization)
.COUNTRY .PH (Philippines)
.COUPONS .COM.PH (Philippine businesses)
.COURSES .NET.PH (Philippines)
.CREDIT .ORG.PH (Philippine non-profit)
.CREDITCARD .SG (Singapore)
.CRICKET .TK (Tokelau, a territory of New Zealand in the South Pacific)

.TV (Tuvalu and televison)

.CYMRU .TW (Taiwan)
.DANCE .COM.TW (Taiwan commercial)
.DATE .ORG.TW (Organization in Taiwan)
.DATING .IDV.TW (Taiwan)
.DEALS .WS (Samoa)


.DENTAL .CO.ZA (South Africa)
.GARDEN Buy Domain names from us at our WEBSHOP
.SALE Buy Domain names from us at our WEBSHOP
.VILLAS Buy Domain names from us at our WEBSHOP