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Serious Tests - Free Online Tests

Alcohol Addiction Test - Are you a heavy drinker or are you an alcoholic?

Cocktails, wine, beer - are you an expert? Take the quizzes - health and alcohol, are you alcohol addict etc.

Insurance Quizzes - We all need Insurance but how much do you really know about it? Are you protected? Home Insurance,
Car Insurance, Life Insurance, Travel Insurance and much more...

What is Your Money Personality? Your money personality reveals a lot about your life. Maybe you buy things to distract you from what you're really missing. Perhaps you blow through cash without thinking of the future. Or do you pinch pennies out of a fear from your past? Suze's quiz will help you understand how you handle your money and why you make the financial decisions you do.

See our Natural Disaster Test page - are you prepared?

See our Personality Tests page - Myers-Briggs Jung Type Test, Creativity Test, Thinking Patterns Test, The Enneagram Personality Test, Social Anxiety Test, The Big Five Personality Test and many more - from fun to serious!

See our Health Tests page for more serious tests

Test Your Typing Speed Test Your Typing Speed Online NOW for FREE
on our Free Typing Test Speed Calculator


Typing Certification

This is the best FREE typing test online,
plus you can get an official typing certificate!

Financial Compatibility Quiz - Suze Orman's - If you truly love your partner and are determined to build a life-long relationship, you need to be committed to a life of financial intimacy with them as well.

Road Rules Driver's Quiz
Please note that this is a general drivers quiz and may not be applicable to your local area.

Car Detective Buyers Test
You should know these answers before you buy a car!

Driving Quiz - Canada - Page Includes Driver's Handbook, Motorcycle Handbook and Professional
Driver's Handbook

Political Quiz
Where do you fit on the political map? Take the Political Quiz and find out.

Beat Test - Kaplan Testing, SAT, GRE, GMAT, PSAT, NMSQT, NCLEX-RN & Study Skills

Teen and Child Personality Test
Complete this personality test to better understand your son or daughter. The questionnaire can be used to describe a child, adolescent, teen, or adult.

Close Relationship Personality Test
Complete the questionnaire below to better understand your relational style! This questionnaire has been developed by psychologists who study close relationships.

My Life Goals
This survey is designed to study the goals and aspirations that people set.

Organizational Diagnostics Online
Personality test that says "The first personality test on the internet that provides comprehensive feedback written by psychologists!"

IPIP NEW-PI Personality Test
IPIP NEW-PI Personality Test Believed to be the test that will replace the MBTI as the primary valid personality testing instrument.

SEX Program Quiz
The BrainTricks SEX Program Quiz

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Working Stiff Stress-O-Meter

Our super computer is specially calibrated to measure the precise amount of stress you are experiencing in your work environment.

The Entrepreneur Test
Test Do you have what it takes ? ( 10 questions )

"New Age" Test
Become a certified "Master of New Age Philosophy"

"Purity" Tests

Bible Quizzes.
How well do you know the Bible?

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