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Career Tests

Fun Career Tests and Serious Online Career and Educational Tests

Want to Turn Up the Volume on Your Career

For less than $10 learn How to Write and Effective CV and Improve Your Interview Technique to go for your Dream Job. Or Negotiate a Pay Rise, Enhance Your Career - Go for that Promotion you want.

Digital Literacy Resources - Helpful Information to keep you up to date on everything you need to know to get a job or keep up to date in your career.

Choosing a Career Path - Personality Career Quiz

Choosing a career path to match your interests, abilities and personal traits is made easy with this career aptitude test. All you need to do is decide to what extent each statement is true for you – there are not right and wrong answers with this personality career quiz. The test is comprehensive and takes 40-60 minutes, but you don’t have to find a career path in a single sitting.

Free Career Path Quiz
This career path quiz consists of 15 questions, which you can answer by choosing one of the five options provided for each question. The personality career quiz will help you gain a better understanding of what it is you were meant to do!

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Linkedin for Business Professionals
How to use Linkedin to Network with High-Profile Business People. Learn how to attract high quality Clients. Boost your personal brand and form valuable relationships. Get found by potential business partners or recruiters. How to use Linkedin to drive traffic to your Website.

Free Online Career Aptitude Test - Employment Path
This is a career aptitude test in which you are asked to evaluate your own skills, interests, style and values, in order to reveal the ideal employment path for your personality. With this free online career aptitude test, you need to be as honest as possible to arrive at adequate results.

Choose a Career Path Test
Take this quick and easy career aptitude test to reveal the perfect career options for yourself. This is a fun and free online job quiz. All you need to do is evaluate a few basic skills and this personality test will help you choose a career. You can customize the career aptitude test to include desired salary, growth opportunities and educational level.

The Color Career Quiz (not serious)

The Color Quiz: This is a very quick career path quiz, which does not require you to answer any questions at all. The Color Quiz, based on Dr. Max Luscher’s methodology, can help you choose a career simply by picking a few colors.  A personality career test perfect for a busy schedule!

Improve Your Interviewing Skills Test
Job interview quiz: A short test to help you figure out where you may have been going wrong on your quest to the perfect career path. You can complete this 7-question personality quiz to improve your interviewing skills and snatch the perfect job!

Free Career Personality Test

Find which career would be most fullfilling for you. Find out what your optimal work environment is. Answer 60 multiple choice questions. Said to be based on scientific research involving hundreds of thousands of people.

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The Entrepreneur Test

Do you have what it takes to succeed in business? A quick 10 questions multiple choice test.

Time Management Test

How well do you manage your time? Time management is an essential skill on the road to success. 15 question multiple choice test.